We are living extraordinary times due to the COVID-19 virus. Our world has suffered several dramatic tragedies, and today we are experiencing one of them.

In 2001, New York experienced another tragedy that shook the entire world. On September 11, 2001, The World Trade Centre was attacked by a plane, and the entire air space of the United States of America was closed immediately. Leaving hundreds of planes in the air without an airport to land on. One of the nearest big airports is found in Newfoundland, Canada. An old military airport was big enough to host 38 airplanes that were forced to land there after the attacks. The closest city, Gander, with a population of 11,000 people, had to welcome 7,000 strangers without a warning. For five days these people joined forces to accommodate these strangers, and something unique was born.

In 2016, a new musical opened on Broadway – COME FROM AWAY. A Canadian musical about this real-life-story of people of Gander who helped these 7,000 strangers from around the globe. This musical is something unforgettable, unique and beautiful. From such a tragedy something this beautiful was born.

I have a huge honor to create and design a brand new production of COME FROM AWAY in 2021. I am thrilled to continue my collaboration with Tampereen Työväen Teatteri, and it seems two of my shows (MATILDA & COME FROM AWAY) will be playing on their main stage during the same season. I am so proud and humbled by that.

This story is something everyone should experience – especially after what we all have just experienced in isolation. COME FROM AWAY has a power to unite countries, people, and souls.

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