The memory trip continues!

2020 was filled with worries in our industry, but together we stayed strong by supporting each other! And we managed, even during a global pandemic, to bring life to a lot of musical theatre in both Finland and Estonia

Maailma On Tehty Meitä Varten
This musical, based on the music of Haloo Helsinki!, had its world premiere in 2020 at Peacock Teatteri. The iconic hits of Haloo Helsinki! took the show to the higher levels with a great audience response!

Nunnad Hoos/Sister Act
In 2020 a story about disco dancing nuns against dangerous gangsters landed in Vanemuine Theatre! This is a feel-good musical comedy about friendship and sisterhood and is still running in Vanemuine, and there is no end in sight!

Kinky Boots
The story of Kinky Boots continued 2020-2022 in Tampereen Työväen Teatteri. The 2nd run of this show about kindness, understanding and friendship had yet another successful season and the response from the audience was as warm and welcoming as before! And the story will still be continued…

Groundhog Day the Musical/Päiväni murmelina
It’s a story about a meteorologist who finds himself stuck in a time loop, repeating the same day over and over again in a little town called Punxutawney! It premiered in Helsingin Kaupunginteatteri 2020 and Maria Lund’s performance was highly praised in this musical spectacle!

Matilda the Musical
Matilda landed in Tampereen Työväen Teatteri 2021-2022 and had a whirlwind of effect in the Finnish theatre world! Matilda is a joyous girl who loves to read books, and has learned that sometimes, to make things right, you have to be a little bit naughty. The show is a powerhouse packed with high-energy dance numbers and catchy songs with the unforgettable story about a little girl who is overcoming obstacles in her life!

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